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I'm a software engineer and web developer with 10 years of professional experience. I'm interested in all kinds of web development but my main focus is on implementing financial systems for banking.

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BSc (Hons) Computer Science
University of Bath
4 Year Sandwich Course
Final year dissertation: Sensor Frameworks for Engine Health Management
Student Staff Liaison Committee Representative
Communications Officer for Latin and Ballroom Dance Club

JULY 2010

A-Levels: Mathematics, Early Modern History and Computing
King Edward VI College, Stourbridge
2 Year Course

JULY 2005


Vice President, Data and Information Engineering
JP Morgan Chase & Co.

  • Technical Lead on a global effort to implement a Model Engineering Platform which gives the firm the facility to do data lineage via storing and versioning UML-like models, generating code and registering artefacts placed in code repositories.
  • Created a data exchange client that uses generated code to produce and consume data over Kafka and other messaging platforms. Data serialization and the transport is abstracted away for users.
  • Delivered a Model Repository written in Scala to store the bank’s logical data models in an atomic format. Involved implementing generic derivation, functional relational mappings and recursive queries. Adhered to Domain Driven Design principles, and used functional style Scala with Cats and Http4s.
  • Technically challenging polyglot role using Scala, Java, Kotlin, SQL and HTML/Javascript (React).


Vice President, Commodities and FX Technology
JP Morgan Chase & Co.

  • Led a global team and delivered a time critical project for the Bank to fulfil their pre-trade regulatory requirements under MIFIDII for the Commodities and FX business.
  • Managed the development of a new RFQ platform to fulfil MIFIDII quoting obligations. This involved close user collaboration, as well as working with product aligned technology teams to get them on- boarded on to the platform.
  • Heavily involved in defining future technology strategy for the Sales Desks.
  • Work predominantly in Python (Athena), SQL and HTML5/Javascript.


Vice President, Finance Technology
JP Morgan Chase & Co.

  • Architect, Team Lead and Applications Developer for Regulatory Reporting Technology, with addi- tional responsibilities across the Valuations Control Group and Regulatory Capital Management Office (RCMO).
  • Architecting and leading the development of the firm's new International Regulatory Reporting plat- form. Moving from an expensive vendor product to a streamlined and efficient in-house calculation framework written in Python.
  • Leading a team to implement SA-CCR - a new counterparty credit risk regulation going live in 2018 for multiple jurisdictions.
  • 100% development and arcitecture role
  • Work in Python, SQL (Oracle), Hadoop, Cassandra and Javascript


Associate, Sales Services Technology
Goldman Sachs.

  • Building out a global strategic platform for the sales organisation within the Securities Division.
  • Delivered RESTful services to provide data for a sales commission application built on the platform.
  • 100% development role following the Agile Methodology.
  • Provide technical leadership by informing team biases and overseeing design/code reviews.
  • Work predominantly in Java, JavaScript (Angular.js) and SQL/MongoDB.


Analyst Developer, Equity Derivatives Trading Technology
Goldman Sachs.

  • Developing applications for and directly supporting the Equity Derivatives Franchise in EMEA.
  • Delivered a new Options RFQ system for internal salespeople. Billions of notional has been booked through the system and it continues to be supported and enhanced.
  • Delivered an enhanced options profitability framework for the traders that informs pricing on a client-by-client basis.
  • Designed and delivered a Sales Blotter framework providing Sales with live and historical views of Trades, Client Positions, RFQs, Listed Options etc.
  • 60/40 split between devleopment and support.
  • Constant interaction with traders, salespeople and quants.
  • Work predominantly in Slang/SecDB which is a proprietary language and database for the Securities Division. Also delivered projects in Java/C#.

JULY 2010 - DECEMBER 2013

Software Engineer

  • Delivered data acquisition systems for advanced rotary engines. This involved instrumenting an engine with sensors and collecting/displaying data in a performant and reliable way.
  • Enhanced an application using the CAN protocol to interact with the ECU to automate engine testing.
  • Support and develop business intelligence solutions and corporate procedures, mainly through SharePoint.
  • Research new methods for recording and interpreting metrics on Engine Health (as part of University project).
  • Work predominantly in C#, Visual Basic and some Java.

JUNE 2008 - MAY 2009









SEC Airports

SEC is a family business based in Ramsgate, Kent. They provide a first class chauffeur hire service. I re-designed an existing site to a responsive, modern, single page scrolling website.

design development


The Dance Lab offers a wide range of classes and lessons meeting the needs of all ballroom dancers. I developed the website from scratch including the logo design. There is integration with a third party content management system as well as an online booking system.

design integration development cms



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